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So, since it's National Coming Out Day, Ally and I decided to tell my mom, finally, about the whole transgender thing. This is EXACTLY how it went:

Us: So do you know why TJ changed their name?

My mom: *mumbles something we couldn't make out*

Us: Well, it's because TJ's transgendered.

My mom: Is this what you called to tell me about before I go to work tomorrow morning?

Us: Yeah.

My mom: Okay, bye. *click*

So that went over exactly as expected. AWESOME.

EDIT: Oh, Al (mo mother's dumb as shit boyfriend or whatever) just called my phone. I didn't answer and let it go to voice mail. His message? "You should KNOW this number and I want you to know that your mother is VERY, VERY UPSET." Oh, hold on, Ally got a call too. He bitched at her about unimportant stuff and then said, "Oh you shouldn't have told her, her DAUGHTER should've and it wasn't your place."

....I have no words. For one, hi, NOT DAUGHTER ANY MORE. Two, how is it not Ally's place? She speaks for me ALL the time and I thought she'd be the more rational of the two of us (IE: not screaming, swearing, etc) to explain things.

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Today I shed my skin like a snake. The old one was tight, cracked, unfit for living in. The new one is sleek, comfortable, and loose enough that I still have room to grow into it.

Today at 11 AM EST I legally became Anthony Edward Stark (why yes I AM that big of a geek). Today at 1:50 PM EST I legally had my gender changed on my license with no issue. Today, I am finally ME.
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9 days until I go in for my name change hearing. So nervous.

Haven't had much to post on lately, been feeling a bit down because I'm kind of stagnating; I want to get on T and get top surgery but like so many people in my country I don't have insurance and I don't qualify for health care, and it's frustrating the hell out of me. I feel like I'm getting nowhere and it's depressing.
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Ugh. So I realized today that I will have to inform my female genetic donor (not a mother, never a mother) about me being trans. I'm on her car insurance (cheaper for me that way) and she will not take it well.

She flipped out when I cut my hair. She flipped out when she found out about me legally filing to change my name. I don't even want to know what she'll do when she hears about this.

Sadly I can't call the insurance and change it myself, because the insurance lady is a friend of hers and will blab like there's no tomorrow. Frankly if I never had to tell her I could die a happy man but eventually I'll have to let her know.

But I don't want to. Ugh. I don't know what to do.
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Got my probate court letter today. My hearing date is the 27th of September. UGH WHY SO FAR AWAY?
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Filed for my legal name change. Now to play the two month waiting game and hope it gets approved.
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Nothing special, just an article I found pretty fascinating.
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Bought my first pair of guy's shoes the other day. There were a bunch of others I wanted so bad, but my stupid small feet couldn't fit them. Bleh! But here's the shoes I did pick up; Converse black and red high tops with velcro! I'm a big fan of velcro on shoes, so they were double awesome. :3 Plus YAY high tops because my ankles suck so bad.

Cut for slightly large image. )
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So today I went with my girlfriend (can I really keep calling her girlfriend when we've been together for 10+ years? Fffff) to her grandmother's funeral. It was a nice event, well, for a funeral, even though my mother showed up and there was drama.

Who the fuck brings drama to a funeral; drama over a HAIR CUT even? My mother, that's who. But I digress.

So Ally's (said girlfriend/partner/spouse/wtf ever you wanna call her) mom knows about the whole trans thing. And is fine with it. Calls me he. Which is boss. Is apparently going to tell her boyfriend/old man/whatever's mom that I'm trans so they as well (she's a cool lady, likes me like a grandchild which I don't mind) so they can, like, get the gender noun correct. I'm just confusing everyone as I go along. X3

But to get to the relevant point because I'm rambly and in a good mood: some lady at the funeral asked Ally's mom if I was her grandson. Ally and I died laughing. I mean, YAY for someone who I don't know referring to me as male (HUGE boost in confidence for me), and lulz for someone thinking I'm young enough to be the grandchild of my girlfriend's mom.

For the record, I'm almost 30. Hahahaha!

I'll (maybe) post pics later, I'm looking pretty GQMF in them.
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Got my DMV papers. Now to get my ass down to the probate court and file for the name change. And, oh joy, in my state it apparently takes 2 months to go through (or be rejected). Uuuuugh. How annoying. But I gotta do what I gotta do!
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Requested a Declaration of Gender Change form for my license. Going later today to the probate court to get name change papers filed and such. It'll be a 2 month wait but I'm so excited! I'm finally getting the ball rolling.

Soon I won't be burdened by my old name (that I never used anyhow) anymore. Soon I'll be who I'm meant to be. I can't wait. :)

I also have a Deancat on my lap, but he's only happy because he has a warm body to cuddle up to.

Edit: YES my new binders got shipped today!
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Another good session with the therapist today. Nothing special came up, though I did mention that I hate the warm weather because I can't wear shorts. Why? I am not shaving my legs. Screw that. So she asked why I don't just wear shorts anyhow and I mentioned how I don't want to be seen as a chick with hairy legs (I don't care about females who don't shave, whatever, but I've got image issues out the ass so...). So she asked if I'm not presenting as male and I honestly had to tell her that I don't believe others see me as male. I don't know if they do or not, but I feel they don't. You can judge for yourself since I posted a pic in my last entry. Feel free to leave tips or anything, whatever.

Which sucks because I love warm weather as long as I'm in cool clothing!

Eh. I'm going to call the TG clinic up in Cleveland tomorrow and see if there's any sort of funding to help with people who don't have any health care or insurance (thanks USA for that, btw, making it so if you don't have kids you're pretty much dicked over by the system). I'd like to start T therapy and work on getting top surgery since the longer I wait, the worse I feel about how I look.

Other than that things are going good, though she was surprised to hear I don't talk with the other TG folks on campus. The few times I've tried they've been very cliquish and such, so after a while I just gave up trying. Meh. No skin off my back.
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I don't have a recent pic of my hair, but it's roughly a little shorter now than it is here:

Oh god a pic of me D: )

Uuuuugh I hate pics of myself so feel lucky folks. :P
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Got my hair cut again! It might not seem like that big of a deal but man, it feels so nice to have it short. If I didn't hate how I look I'd show pics!

Maybe I'll get it shorter next time. Not like it won't grow back or anything. My hair grows too fast.
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So. New therapist, finally, since the previous one was as useful as tits on a boar hog. The new one sort of specializes with transgender issues. I'm also not the only transguy she's helping right now, which is another plus. Apparently she wants us to meet because he too is doing this mostly alone, and doesn't know any other transguys. I said I was all right with meeting him; what could it hurt?

She asked me about transitioning and stuff, and I told her that I do want to do hormone therapy and have top surgery. She said there's a MetroHealth clinic in Cleveland that works with that sort of thing. I told her that's a plus but, with no insurance or anything, it's damn near impossible for me to afford anything at this point. So she said she'd make a few phone calls and see what she could do. Awesome. She's also going to help me work on the Benjamin Standards of Care, which is awesome too.

Baby steps, but it's a start!

Intro post

Apr. 17th, 2010 04:41 pm
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So, here I am. I suppose I should write up a bio thing for those who don't know me here.

I go by Tony Stark. Yes, I know. Yes, I /am/ that big of a nerd. Yes, I am dead set on getting my name legally changed to that and, barring any unforseen circumstances, will get the wheels in motion come this summer. Yes, I am transgender. FTM if it's really important. I'm nearing my middle aged crisis years (heh) but have only outwardly been a transguy for a short time now. It took some self searching and a move to a new town in Ohio for me to even start the process. No, I don't have any top or bottom surgery, but I do plan on top in the future whenever I can afford it. For now, I bind. I go to college but have no major set yet. I love alcohol, bad movies, goofing off, doing geek things, and writing. I'm not really sure what else to post so I'll just leave myself open for questions!


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