Jul. 4th, 2010

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So today I went with my girlfriend (can I really keep calling her girlfriend when we've been together for 10+ years? Fffff) to her grandmother's funeral. It was a nice event, well, for a funeral, even though my mother showed up and there was drama.

Who the fuck brings drama to a funeral; drama over a HAIR CUT even? My mother, that's who. But I digress.

So Ally's (said girlfriend/partner/spouse/wtf ever you wanna call her) mom knows about the whole trans thing. And is fine with it. Calls me he. Which is boss. Is apparently going to tell her boyfriend/old man/whatever's mom that I'm trans so they as well (she's a cool lady, likes me like a grandchild which I don't mind) so they can, like, get the gender noun correct. I'm just confusing everyone as I go along. X3

But to get to the relevant point because I'm rambly and in a good mood: some lady at the funeral asked Ally's mom if I was her grandson. Ally and I died laughing. I mean, YAY for someone who I don't know referring to me as male (HUGE boost in confidence for me), and lulz for someone thinking I'm young enough to be the grandchild of my girlfriend's mom.

For the record, I'm almost 30. Hahahaha!

I'll (maybe) post pics later, I'm looking pretty GQMF in them.


anthonystark: Tony Stark looking fierce. (Default)

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