May. 26th, 2010

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Another good session with the therapist today. Nothing special came up, though I did mention that I hate the warm weather because I can't wear shorts. Why? I am not shaving my legs. Screw that. So she asked why I don't just wear shorts anyhow and I mentioned how I don't want to be seen as a chick with hairy legs (I don't care about females who don't shave, whatever, but I've got image issues out the ass so...). So she asked if I'm not presenting as male and I honestly had to tell her that I don't believe others see me as male. I don't know if they do or not, but I feel they don't. You can judge for yourself since I posted a pic in my last entry. Feel free to leave tips or anything, whatever.

Which sucks because I love warm weather as long as I'm in cool clothing!

Eh. I'm going to call the TG clinic up in Cleveland tomorrow and see if there's any sort of funding to help with people who don't have any health care or insurance (thanks USA for that, btw, making it so if you don't have kids you're pretty much dicked over by the system). I'd like to start T therapy and work on getting top surgery since the longer I wait, the worse I feel about how I look.

Other than that things are going good, though she was surprised to hear I don't talk with the other TG folks on campus. The few times I've tried they've been very cliquish and such, so after a while I just gave up trying. Meh. No skin off my back.


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